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The cutest caboose to our trio of little dudes. This is how Wes came into the world!

From the second I found out I was pregnant with Wes, I knew I wanted to let my body lead the way with his birth. I was induced at 39 weeks with my other boys and really wanted to experience going into labor on my own and that’s exactly what happened. Let’s start in the early morning hours of my due date, September 22nd! I was woken up two different times throughout the night with intense contractions. Honestly it was kind of weird and for a second I had to convince myself they were real and not a dream! Nothing was consistent though so I was able to go back to sleep both times. Then when I finally got up for the day and went to the bathroom, I noticed bloody show! I wasn’t really having any cramping or anything though so I still went to my 40 week Dr appointment later that day. I made the decision to have my Dr. gently sweep my membranes to try and help things get going since my body was showing all the signs labor was near. I had this done with both boys before and nothing came of it besides cramping, so I didn’t have super high hopes. When she checked me I was already 4cm dilated and 80% effaced so figured it couldn’t hurt anything. 

After my Dr. Appointment, I went to moms house to pick up Jax since that’s where he went while I had my appointment (Kai was at school) and ended up just hanging out there since he wanted to keep playing. This is when I started to get crampy. I was also having a lot of Braxton Hicks, but they didn’t turn into actual contractions for a few hours. Around 4pm I called Roman and had him bring Kai & all of our bags up because my contractions were getting closer together. At this point they were about 10 minutes apart, but weren’t painful quite yet. We went on a long walk as a family to the park and this is when things started to get more uncomfortable. 

Since I was already so dilated, my Dr. Told me things could go really quickly and to head to the hospital when contractions were painful and 7-10 min apart. I had always heard 5-7 min so I ended up calling the Dr’s office and asking the on call OB their opinion. She suggested 5 min apart and painful so we went back to waiting. things started to pick up around 8pm and I knew I was actually in the early stages of labor now. So we put the boys to bed at my moms house and started to head home. I figured it would be a long night and wanted to be comfortable in my own home for as long as possible. Around 9:30pm we started heading back home and decided to grab a bite to eat to kill some time. Denny’s was the only sit down place open so we headed there! We were laughing so hard at the table. Just casually drinking hot cocoa and timing my contractions haha. A Denny’s was the last place on earth I thought I would labor! After we finished there, my contractions were about 7 min apart and starting to hurt. I could still talk through them though so we went home. At this point I just really didn’t want to go to the hospital and get sent home.

When we made it back home, it was about 11pm. We watched a few episodes of our show, while I walked around the living room and breathed through contractions. At around 12am my contractions were consistently 5 min apart and painful so we got back in the car and started to the hospital! As soon as we got there and got checked into triage, ya girl was hurting! My contractions were 4 min apart and getting INTENSE. The nurse checked me and I was at 5cm, but still 80% effaced. After an hour of waiting, they finally decided I could stay! I was so relieved.

I was in contact with my mom letting her know how things were going, and told her we were staying so she could head to the hospital. So we got to our room and settled in before the excitement began. At this point I was SO ready for that epidural haha! The anesthesiologist came in and did his thing and I was much more comfortable. I could still move my legs, and felt all the pressure, but the pain was mostly gone. Basically exactly what I wanted.

Right after my epidural (about 2am) the nurse checked me again and I was at a 7! My mom got there shortly after, and turns out she had been in the hospital parking lot since I told her we were heading in lol. Most supportive person on the planet, and I’m so grateful she got to be with me through all my births. I tried to get some sleep after that, but it was absolutely not happening, It did feel good to rest a little though. As I was laying in bed around 3am, I felt a big kick then pop. My water broke! I had never had that happen on its own and I was SO happy. My body was doing it all on its own this time around! After that I started to feel tons of pressure as contractions came and went. The next two hours were pretty uneventful. My Dr got to the hospital about 5:30am and I was so happy to see her! She wasn’t on call that night, but saw I was in labor and came in to deliver Wes! So grateful we got her for all 3 of my boys. When she got to my room and checked me I was at a 10 and 100% effaced! I had been feeling the urge to push too so it was go time! We watched as the nurses got everything prepped. It’s the most surreal feeling knowing you’re so close to meeting your baby! Roman and a nurse held my legs while my mom filmed up by my head. This time I had a mirror so I would really see and WOW! It was absolutely wild and amazing to witness the birth of my baby like that. Womens bodies are incredible!

After 3 pushes and just a few minutes, Wes made his debut at 6:13am! He was 8lbs, 10oz and 20 1/2in. From the second they put him on my chest I felt complete. All my babies finally made it to me! Roman cut the umbilical cord after a few minutes and we both cried happy tears over our perfect boy. Nothing will ever top watching my husband meet his sons. His little body was covered in dark blue spots, so they were worried he wasn’t getting enough oxygen and took him over to the table. Later they realized it was actually just Mongolian spots. All of my boys had them at birth, but our little smurf baby by far had the most! They’re perfect, and so is he. He latched just minutes after he was born and now we’re already at 6 months of breastfeeding, with no sign of stopping anytime soon!

Whenever I reflect back on Wes’s birth as a whole, the only word that comes to mind is peace. The whole thing start to finish was so peaceful and special. Even our 30 minute drive the the hospital was dark and quiet as I held my husbands hand, listened to music, and breathed through contractions. It was so serene. Wes is peace. He’s brought such a peaceful presence to our home. His little spirit was meant to be in our family and I couldn’t be more grateful to be his mom. Thank you for completing us angel boy!