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Thank you to Walmart for sponsoring this post, all opinions are my own.

Kai has always loved all things art and creating things. His imagination is one of my very favorite parts of him! So when I saw these craft kits at Walmart, I knew he would absolutely love them. I love that they are easy enough that he can do them on his own (with my supervision) but still challenging enough to keep him interested. So far his favorite has been the Robot window art and the Monster craft! Roman helped him make the cutest little creatures, and I painted a few robots with him and throughly enjoyed it! I love that crafts can bring the whole family together to make memories. Can’t wait to paint the rocket ship with Kai next!

Walmart Home is always my go to when it comes to arts and crafts for my little artist. They always have the supplies I’m looking for on hand, and even better, full kits to let his mind run wild with ideas. With the temps starting to drop, I know we’ll be spending much more time in doors, so it feels good to be stocked up on fun activities to keep my energetic guy entertained. If your family is into creating projects, I promoise you will LOVE all things Smarts and Crafts from Walmart!

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