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It’s almost baby time! I thought it might be helpful to list out the things I’m packing to take to the hospital, and probably more importantly, the things I’m not taking. I way overpacked when I had Kai and didn’t use even half the things I took. So learn from my mistake and see what I actually used!

Let’s start with what I’m not taking; Nothing for postpartum peri care. I felt great with what the hospital had for me with Kai as far as boy shorts, pads, cooling spray and tucks, so I’d rather just save my supplies for when I get home. I’m also not taking anything to do my hair besides a hair brush and elastic. I brought my straightener and curling iron with Kai and didn’t even touch it. I am taking a few makeup items- foundation, mascara, and eye brightener- but thats it. The bare minimum to make me feel semi human haha! I also brought a ton of stuff to do in labor (adult coloring book, ipad, ect.) and didn’t touch it. With the nerves and nurses coming in and out we mostly just hung out and watched TV. So this time I’m just bringing a book, and laptop to watch movies on.

What’s Going In My Bag-

My favorite weekender bag: I’ve had this one for years and the quality is amazing!

Basic Toiletries: Toothbrush, toothpaste, deodorant, face wash, face lotion.

Snacks: I am a firm believer in eating if you need to in labor. I know this is controversial, but since I’m at a low risk for needing a c-section I feel totally fine with light snacking to help fuel my body. It’s working HARD! I packed almonds, Mama Chia packets, granola and Werthers Originals hard candy. Don’t tell the Dr. lol!

Nipple Butter: to help soothe those sore babies.

Boppy: For the first few months I couldn’t feed Kai without my nursing pillow. LIFE SAVER!

Nightgown: With buttons for easy nursing access.

Eyemask: With all the lights and gagets in the hospital, it’s hard to get any sleep, so I’m hoping this does the trick this time around!

Slippers/ Thick socks: So you don’t have to go barefoot on the yucky hospital floor.

Nursing bra: I have been wearing these the past few months and LOVE them for just kicking around. They don’t offer a ton of support but are very comfy and loose enough they’ll fit after my milk comes in.

Basic Makeup: Foundation, mascara, and eye brightening balm- just enough to help me feel human if we want pictures with our little man.

Portable sound machine: Another thing I’m hoping can help us all get some good sleep.

Book: This is mostly for labor, since it can be a really long day. So excited to start Untamed, I’ve heard such great things!

Phone Charger: Extra long so I can hopefully use it while its plugged in.

Going Home Outfit for me and baby and a few beanies/ swaddles for announcement pictures!

Blankets and pillows: This is mostly for Roman, those couch/ chair beds suck haha! I’m also bringing a cozy blanket for baby.

Pacifier & Clip.

And that is it! If you’re stressing about what to pack- don’t! You will be perfectly prepared, and if you forgot anything the hospital can provide it. Just worry about getting your little one here safely. You got this mama!