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With only a few weeks left until baby #2 makes his entrance, I figured now was the best time to share the things I couldn’t have gotten through this pregnancy without! I also want to preface this post with the disclaimer that I am not a medical professional, and ran all of these things past my Dr. before I used them, so I’d suggest you do the same to keep you and baby as safe as possible! Here are the things that made the last 9 months more comfortable for me:

Outfit Details: (I sized down to the S in pullover, it runs really oversized)

Must Haves:

#1- Pregnancy or Body Pillow: I am a back or stomach sleeper when not pregnant, so this helped me adjust to staying on my side, and helped support my aching body as I got further along. Truly couldn’t have slept a wink without it!

#2- Ginger Essential Oil: If you are experiencing morning/ all damn day sickness, this was a game changer for me. I placed a few drops on a cotton ball, threw that in a paper cup and took it with me everywhere so I could keep it up to my nose. It won’t get rid of your nausea completely, but the smell definitely takes the edge off! You can also diffuse it in your home.

#3- Heating Pad: So soothing for everything that ales you. I usually do 15 min off- 15 min on and alternate with ice if my back or pelvis really kill that day.

#4- Prenatal Vitamin: I’m sure you’re thinking duhhhh, but the days I ran out or forgot to take it I seriously felt so drained. Taking it religiously keeps my energy up and makes sure baby is getting all the nutrients he needs!

#5- Unisom & B6: I didn’t take this with Kai because my Dr. never offered it and I sooo wish she would have. GAME CHANGER. This helped so much with my nausea and overall sleep in general.

#6- Pregnancy Shapewear: Not only does this smooth everything when you want to wear a tighter dress, but it supports the bump too! I’ve had the same brand for both pregnancies and have loved them. I wear the size L.

#7- Belly Oil: I’m a firm believer that stretch marks are hereditary, so you’ll either get them or you won’t. I don’t use any “preventative” creams or lotions, but I do use this oil to keep the dryness and itchiness at bay. This bottle is huge and has lasted me my entire pregnancy, isn’t too oily, and moisturizes my stretching belly so well. I use it morning and night.

#8- Epsom Salt: Another natural pain relief remedy. I take a bath almost every night (before, during, and after pregnancy) because it’s my favorite way to unwind from the day, and epsom salts really work to ease your body! I love the Dr. Teal’s scents too.

#9- Maternity Leggings: Pretty much the MVP of my entire pregnancy! I started wearing them pretty soon into my second trimester and seriously lived in them from that day on. I never did find a pair of jeans I loved, so leggings were my bread and butter. Linking all of my faves below! Note- I tried the Spanx Faux Leather Maternity leggings and hated them. They never stayed up even after sizing down. I was so bummed because the non maternity are so great!

I hope this was helpful for all you mamas to be out there! As always, never hesitiate to ask me any and everything pregnancy related. I’m an open book!