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Where on earth has this pregnancy gone?! I swear it felt like I was pregnant with Kai forevvvver, and here we are now, only 79 days until my due date with baby #2! The second trimester was mostly amazing, minus a few weeks at the beginning when morning sickness was still lingering around. I had way more energy the last few months, beginning about week 16ish, minor aches and pains, and only a few instances of getting sick due to a strong smell or random flashback to morning sickness. I’m feeling really lucky to have felt so good! This time around I’ve had some weird things come up that I didn’t expect though, so just when you think you know your body, babies decide to throw a curve ball in there!

The first is Geographic Tongue! Ever heard of it? Because I hadn’t prior to this pregnancy. My tongue has been super sore pretty much since I found out we were expecting, but I chalked it up to all the salt I was eating to keep nausea at bay (looking at you Dill Pickle Potato Chips) haha! When I finally decided to bring it up to my Dr. she took a look and said it was actually Geographic tongue and its very common. She prescribed me a mouth wash and suggested I take vitamin B! It’s helped a little, but I think it’ll just be one of those things that (hopefully) goes away after delivery.

Second, varicose veins. I didn’t get these at all with Kai so I was so surprised that they showed up with number two, and especially so early! Luckily they don’t hurt at all, just look like of ugly sticking out of my legs. Definitely hoping they go down after birth!

Third is pelvic pressure/ pain. I had horrible round ligament pain with Kai, but haven’t noticed it too much this time, thank the lord! That is no joke. What I have noticed is my pelvis is almost always sore, and sitting, lifting heavy, or walking for long periods of time makes it much worse so I’ve been taking it pretty easy.

All that being said, I’m still so so happy to be growing our sweet baby boy. Pregnancy is hard, but 9 months of uncomfortable moments is more than worth a lifetime of unconditional love. For those of you in the middle of a hard phase of pregnancy, or still waiting for your time to come, I am praying for you! I see you, and I love you. Everything happens for a reason, even if we don’t always understand what that reason is. Keep going!

Sweater: L | Shacket: M |Boots: 10 (up 1/2) | Leggings: L | Bag

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