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Thank you to Mackenzie Childs for sponsoring this post, all opinions are my own.

In October I was able to attend Mackenzie Childs X Salt Lake City virtual workshop and it was so amazing! This was my first real introduction to the brand besides seeing my favorite influencers collect their signature Courtly Check pieces! I instantly fell in love with the heart of Mackenzie Childs and the incredible people and artists behind the brand. I learned so much about the history behind the company, how everything is made and in some cases hand painted! They put so much love and character into every item to make it unique. These are the type of collectables I can see myself passing down to my kids and grandchildren someday!

This year I went full glam with my Christmas tree and it adds just the right amount of happiness and cheer to our home! I am obsessed with the Mackenzie Childs Golden Hour line, so most items I incorporated into my decor are from that collection. I love how the sprays add depth and texture to the tree without overdoing it, and the ornaments are just so classic! The pops of courtly check are my favorite little touch. I can’t wait to keep adding to my collection over the years.

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