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Thank you to Target for sponsoring this post, all opinions are my own.

Ever since we started spending extra time at home in March, we decided it was finally time to finish putting together our master bedroom. We’ve been in our house for 2.5 years now, but have been focused on getting the rest of the house done. With all the chaos going on in the world we decided it was important to move our room to the top of our to do list, especially now that I am pregnant. Growing our precious baby means sleep is more important than ever to my physical and emotional well being, so I needed a quiet place away from the craziness to relax and feel safe. A sanctuary where my troubles fade away at the door. With the help of Casaluna, I feel like we’ve made it a reality!

The Details

What first attracted me to Casaluna was the earthy tones. They speak to my style, but also my want for a calming space. The deep tones and textures are so zen and comforting. Here is everything I purchased-


Pillows: Something I should have done YEARS ago! We were so overdue for new pillows, and these are heaven sent! I like my pillows a little more firm so I went with the medium and they’re perfect. Thick but not too stiff.

Sateen Sheets: Another luxury I didn’t know I was missing out on. Our old sheets were SO hot and stuffy. These ones are soft, and most importantly breathable! I no longer wake up sweating. So happy to have found these!

Duvet and Shams: The centerpiece of our new space. I love the color, and decorating around it has been so fun. It has good weight to it, but its not too hot.

Oversized Knit Blanket: More for looks than comfort which I am totally okay with because it is STUNNING! Love how large and eye catching it is. The price point is great too!

Chunky Knit Blanket: Definitely snuggle worthy! I got the queen size and its perfect for lounging around on watching movies.


Diffuser: The most heavenly smell, and I love the look of it!

Lamps: We have had these lamps about 2 years and they have worked great! They are touch activated which is super convenient too.

Frame: The best quality for the price I have found!

Thanks for coming and taking a peek into my favorite room in the house! I am so excited about how it turned out, and look forward to the time I get to spend in it. Huge thanks to Casaluna and Target for helping turn this space into everything I imagined it could be!