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Again, I just want to start by saying thank you so much for all of the well wishes on our newest chapter of life. This baby is already so loved and we feel every bit of it! We survived the first trimester! I couldn’t have gotten through these last couple of months without my husband who took over all gag worthy chores around the house, my mom and MIL who were so willing to help with Kai, and sweet friends that were always there to talk me through the hard moments. Love you all so much! I wanted to write this post to answer any and all questions you had about my pregnancy this far and also document it for my own memories later. Let me know if I missed anything else you had questions on!


*Thanks to everyone who wrote in questions via Instagram!*

When did you first start feeling symptoms?– Almost immediately after I found out, my boobs were really tender, and the exhaustion hit pretty hard. Around week 7 was when the nausea and vomiting started.

When is your due date?– February 17th! Which makes me almost 16 weeks now. Can’t wait for our little Valentine to arrive.

Are you finding out the gender?– YES! Spoiler alert, we actually already know, and have known for a few weeks now. We had genetic testing done and as a perk also got the sex. We’re keeping it a secret for a little longer until I can think of a fun way to announce!

Did you wait to tell your families?– No way! We are super close with our families and told them a few days after we found out, and same with our closest friends. It was such happy news, we couldn’t wait a second longer to share.

Does Kai understand you’re pregnant?– He is starting to! He was the first person I told and had some pretty funny comments at first. When I said there was a baby in my tummy he replied, “No, there is food in your tummy!” I mean, he’s not wrong haha! After we took him to the ultrasound at Fetal Fotos, I think it clicked a lot more. Now he talks about the baby and asks to see pictures of it constantly (the 3D scan on my pregnancy app)! He’s going to be the best big brother.

Are you planning on breastfeeding?– Yes. I’m actually pretty nervous about it, just because it took Kai and I a longggg few months to get the hang of, but I’m hoping it comes more easily the second time around! I do want to introduce a bottle early on (we did at 1 week with Kai because mama was SORE) so I’ll also be pumping too.

Were you trying?– I always think this is kind of a funny question, but yes! Countless app tracking hours, and ovulation sticks later we were getting a little discouraged, even though I know it takes other couples much longer. Our fertility appointment got pushed back due to COVID so it actually turned into our first baby checkup! We were so blessed to be able to conceive naturally. Praying so hard for all you mamas in the thick of infertility!

Are you craving anything?– Quite the opposite. NOTHING sounds good usually! For a few weeks the only thing that sounded remotely decent were Lay’s Dill Pickle chips. They saved my life and were worth every canker sore lol! Currently some things that don’t sound revolting are fresh fruit, carrots and ranch, and Hot Cheetos of course. Looking forward to having more of an appetite hopefully soon. I miss food haha!

Did you loose weight?– If you read the above question than this should be obvious but yes. With the nausea and vomiting combined with food aversion and an insane sense of smell, I’ve definitely dropped some lbs. It’s not something I really track but baby is completely healthy and my Dr’s are keeping an eye on it so that’s all that matters to me!

Until next trimester!