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The day has finally come to announce, even though we’ve wanted to shout it from the rooftops ever since I saw that positive pregnancy test back in June! To say we are excited for baby #2 is a HUGE understatement. After actively trying for about a year, our prayers have been answered and our family growing in February 2021! I even had to change my first fertility appointment to our first baby check up! I’ll share a first trimester recap here soon, but these announcement photos needed their own post because Lizzy of @lizzyography knocked it out of the park. She captured the tiniest details I will cherish forever, as well as how imperfect and silly our little family is. I couldn’t have asked for more! Thank you in advance for all the love on our exciting news! Also- full disclosure I haven’t really “popped” yet. Even though lets be honest, I haven’t had a flat tummy since the 9th grade haha! I’m definitely pushing out the bloat/ bump for one main reason. We’re having a winter baby, and I just can’t see myself waddling out in the snow for maternity photos lol, so this is it! Just wanted to keep it real so when you see my trying on jeans in stories your aren’t scratching your head! Here they are!

Our looks: