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Bodysuit– Wearing the XL

Jeans– Mine are old Madewell but these are the same style! Size 32

Heels– Mine are Zara, but these are similar

Bag– Old ASOS, but found one similar!

Top 12 Beauty Products of 2019!

#12 Makeup Removing Cloths– If you’re looking to produce less waste, this is a great place to start. Use in place of disposable makeup removing wipes! I love this for home, but still use disposable for travel.

#11 Makeup Brush Cleaner– One of my favorite Amazon finds EVER! Washing my makeup brushes is always such a chore, but this actually makes it kind of fun. I also love that it drys them as well so you don’t have to wait for them to air-dry.

#10 Lumify Eye Drops– A game changer, especially if you take a lot of photos. A model friend of mind was using them at a shoot, so I tried them out and WOW. I’ve never seen eyedrops work so well and so fast. Highly recommend!

#9 Moroccan Oil– A product I’ve used for 15+ years and swear by! I use it as a heat protectant and frizz tamer.

#8 Aquaphor– A little miracle in a jar! I started using this after Kai was born for his eczema, but now I use it as a moisturizer for myself too! It’s great for lips, and even my face when I’m extra dry.

#7 Laneige Lip Mask– I use this every night and wake up with soft lips in the morning!

#6 The Wet Brush– Perfect for curly hair so I use this for both Kai and myself in the shower with conditioner.

#5 Thayers Witch Hazel Toner– A sensitive skins dream! It immediately calms my skin and helps it feel refreshed. I’ve also noticed it helps with redness.

#4 Tarte Eyeshadow Palettes– The reason I now love doing eyeshadow! I love this palette because its great for everyday, but you can also build it up for a more dramatic look. Awesome for eyeshadow beginners (like me) as well!

#3 Skinceuticals Vitamin C– So freaking expensive, I know, but WOW! I definitely don’t think it helps with acne but I’ve absolutely noticed my fine lines have faded and my skin is tighter. I love it, but after this bottle is gone will try and find a less spendy alternative.

#2 Mario Bas Drying Lotion– I call this my bye-bye zit cream because it truly zaps them! I apply it to blemishes before bed and 90% of the time they’re much smaller by the morning.

#1 Billie Razor– My official MVP of the whole year (and i only discovered it in November)! I was skeptical to try it out because it seemed a little overrated with everyone and their dog raving about it, but since it was so affordable I gave it a try and I am so glad I did. I have VERY sensitive skin, so much so that I use extra sensitive shaving cream. With the billie I don’t have to use shaving cream AT ALL and I don’t get any razor burn! WHATTTT! Obsessed.

Thanks for reading!