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My first blog post of the decade! One of my resolutions this year was to get back into writing again. I’ve missed my keyboard time, and am so excited to just write whatever I want to, no pressure! For my first post in a hot minute I wanted to write about something that I don’t share in detail too much, and that is modeling. I’ve kept track of some of the questions I’ve gotten over the last few months so I can answer them here!

#1 How did you get started?

Modeling was actually not anything I set out to do. I got pretty comfortable in front of the camera from taking blog photos, and one day I got an Instagram DM from a company called Taralyns Boutique asking if I wanted to model for her. I was so nervous but said yes anyway and had so much fun! I still model to her to this day, and totally credit Tara for helping get me started. From there I will say that IG and word of mouth is how I get most of my jobs. I don’t belong to an agency or anything so I’m super grateful for the clientele I have built all while staying freelance!

#2 How Do I get more clients

Like I mentioned above, word of mouth and people finding me on IG is my main way, but I have definitely emailed local brands before pitching myself! I include a photo of myself, links to my IG and blog, a little big about myself (including experience and a few past clients) and sizing info. To be honest, this is something I don’t think I do enough, but at the same time I feel like l’ve got just about all I can handle on my plate right now since I have my blog and little one t take care of at home.

#3 How many shoots do you do a week?

This totally depends, but I would say on average 2-3 a week. I’ve had as many as 4 in one day, (that was insane and I don’t recommend) and occasionally I go a week without any. There are busier times and slower times, but it’s usually pretty consistent which is nice!

#4 Who has Kai while I’m at shoots?

We are so lucky to have both my mom and MIL so close to us, and they both have pretty flexible work schedules so he is usually with one of them, but we also have an awesome nanny as well that watches him too! Rarely, I can squeeze in a shoot while he’s at preschool as well. Lot’s of options and people to love on Kai while I work!

#5 My rate & how I get paid

I’ve decided not to disclose my exact rate, but I will tell you about 6 months ago I was still only charging $50 an hour, and was definitely undercharging! So based on your experience, I would gage it from there. I get paid in a variety of ways including mailed checks, Venmo, PayPal, and occasionally cash. It totally depends on what the client prefers so I would come ready with lot’s of options!

Okay, I think I covered all of my most frequently asked questions about modeling, but feel free to DM me on Instagram or shoot me an email if you have a question I didn’t get to. Thank you so much for reading!