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Thank you to Walmart for sponsoring this post. All Opinions are my own.

August is National Breastfeeding Awareness Month, and to celebrate, I’m teaming up with Walmart to share my breastfeeding story, and showing you the items I couldn’t have made it through that 13 months without!

As most of you know, my baby boy just turned 3, so it’s been two years since our breastfeeding journey ended. I will always cherish the hours and hours we spent nursing, but it definitely wasn’t something that came easy for us. Kai and I spent a lot of time with a lactation consultant, went through countless products, and even a few prescriptions to make it work. When we finally got the hang of breastfeeding, I have never felt more proud or accomplished in my life! So if you are in the thick of breastfeeding and struggling, KEEP GOING! You can do hard things mama!

Pictured above are the exact products I used and absolutely loved! I found that the Lansinoh brand really worked well for me, after trying a few others out. As far as pumping went, I used the Ameda, and thought it was great as well. Another favorite of mine was the Boppy! I took mine everywhere for the first few months, and it truly made my life so much easier. An absolute MUST have is a good nursing bra as well. Comfort is key! I continued to wear mine after weaning, because I just loved it so much!

I also wanted to mention a few things that I wish I would have had/ will definitely get for our next baby. First on my list is a breastmilk storage organizer. It is such a nice way to keep your milk in your fridge or freezer. Another item I would have loved is the hands-free pumping bra. What a dream!

Now that you know what products I loved, I want to share my BIGGEST tip for nursing your sweet babe:

If you’re having a hard time, ask for help! Being the stubborn human that I am, I have a hard time letting others know that I’m struggling. It took my husband not being able to hug me (because my chest was in SO much pain) to realize that I couldn’t do it on my own. Nursing really did take a village for me. I just wish I would have asked for help sooner! Our lactation consultant was covered by our insurance, and was a complete game changer. I can absolutely guarantee I wouldn’t have breastfed for longer than 6 weeks without her! 10/10 reccommend.

I hope your breastfeeding journey goes a little more smooth than mine did at first, but if this all sounds familiar, just know that if I could successfully nurse my son for over a year, SO CAN YOU! Walmart has your back, and so do I!