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Say hello to the Valenzuela family, 2019 edition! These photos were super last minute, and thanks to our angel friend and photographer Brittany, turned out so fun! Getting family pictures gets harder and harder as Kai gets older, but I love how you can see his personality shining through in them. He is constantly smiling and running around. His little laugh is infectious and theres nothing I love more than watching those curls bounce around!

So since blog posts are few and far between these days, I thought I would do a little life update with each member of our family. Let’s do it!

Kai- Just turned 3 in June and is all things BOY. He constantly begs to be out digging in the dirt, playing in the hose, or a really messy combination of both! His speech has improved immensely and we are so proud of how hard he works at therapy sessions. We just singed him up for T-Ball in the Fall and are SOOO excited to watch him! Just one more month of Summer then this sweet boy is off to his second year of preschool. So far this Summer he’s been loving our mini road trips to St. George, Lake Powell, and Lagoon! He even got to stay in Grandma and Grandpa’s new motorhome and thought that was the coolest thing ever! I wish I could freeze him at this age just a little longer because he’s so fun to be around. The attitude is starting to show, but it’s so cute most of the time we have to turn our heads so he doesn’t see us laughing! Don’t ever change Kai boy!

Roman- My hard working man has been BUSY this Summer. For those of you that don’t know, he is in construction and owns a siding business with his best friend. Since the winter was so long and rough it’s made for an extra busy warm season. He’s currently working on houses all around the valley including one that will be in the Parade of Homes in a few weeks! Although he is working long hours, he still makes time for Kai and I and never misses bedtime! We spend every spare minute that we can together and are just trying to enjoy the rest of the Summer before things slow down a bit. So proud of my guy and how hard he works for our family!

Krychele- Blog & Instagram work always slows down a bit for me in the Summer, so while I’m still shooting and creating content, I’m not posting near as much. Which actually feels really good. It’s been so nice to forget about my phone and enjoy real moments with my family and friends. Not that I’m living life while I’m taking photos of what we’re doing and stuff, but there is something to be said for having such a good time that you forget to document any of it! I think I’m FINALLY starting to find that balance and I’m so happy about it. Since my business has slowed down, I’ve been modeling more and It’s been really fun! I love that I can just go work for an hour or two then come back to my babe. It’s the best mama job ever! Outside of work, I’ve been trying to soak up every second I can with my boys and our friends. Our best friends are getting married soon so we’ve been celebrating all the things! From showers to bachelor / bachelorette parties, we are sending them into marriage in style and it’s been so dang fun. Mine and Roman’s birthdays are in just over a month so we’re starting to plan a little trip or something to celebrate! Let me know if you have any fun ideas!

Thank you for stopping by!


-Krychele, Roman, and Kai