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What. A. Year! 2018 was one I’ll remember forever. It was filled with a lot of happy moments, and quite a few sad ones as well. But without rain there would be no rainbows right? This year taught me a lot of life lessons and I feel like I did a lot more adulting than ever before. I’m so grateful for the memories that 2018 brought me, but I’m so excited for a new year with new goals! Without further ado, here is what my year looked like; month by month.

PS- A lot of my photos wouldn’t upload for some reason (sad face) so if it seems like there are some holes, it’s because there are. Technical difficulties, sorry ’bout it.

January- This month was full of lot’s of firsts. 2018 started by Ringing in the New Year on the dance floor with my hubs! It was the first time we had ever gone out for New Years Eve and we had a blast. You might not know this but my husband is quite the dancer. He is usually the one dragging me out for a song! I also went on my first mule ride, and attended my first boxing match. It was a really fun-filled month.

February- Arguably one of my favorite months (career wise) of the year! I filmed a commercial with Premier Protein and it was so surreal! I’ve never been around the film industry before and I couldn’t believe how much detail went into it. About 20 crew members flew out to Salt Lake to shoot the commercial and we shot for around 12 hours. It was wild and the most amazing experience. I’m hoping I get to do more film in the new year because it was so cool. I also walked in my first Maggie Soterro runway show! I went on a casting call kind of randomly, ended up getting the job and LOVED it! Runway is so much harder than I could have imagined, but it was such a fun experience. I walked in 1 other Maggie show this year and I’m hoping I’ll get the opportunity again in 2019. I also hosted my first blogger event! It was a closet sale and holy wow it was a lot of work. It definitely made me respect other event hosts and taught me a valuable lesson about no-showing. I’ll never do that again!

March- Me, my husband, and our best friends traveled south of the border to MEXICO! We spent 6 days exploring Cancun and it was a very much needed break from life! We hadn’t been back to Cancun Since our Honeymoon and it was so fun to reminisce. Kai had his first Easter egg hunt and HATED it lol. We also took our first camping trip of the year! Kai was basically covered in dirt for 3 days and loved every second of it. We celebrated Easter with our family and lot’s of yummy food.

April- Oh man. April was bittersweet. Kai started swim lessons and loved them, had his first Rags to Raches photoshoot, and I landed my first Aerie collaboration! Aerie has always been a dream brand of mine so this was an exciting moment in my career! Then things took a turn for the worse. We went to St. George for the weekend with our friends and stayed in an Airbnb. We were having the best time when I got a call from my brother that my dad had suffered a heart attack. I will never forget that phone call. We didn’t have any information other than he was in the hospital in Las Vegas. I called Roman who was golfing with his friends, he raced back and he packed up the car and drove 2 hours to Vegas. After 2 hard and sleepless days, my dad woke up and they started running tests. He was very loopy and traveling in and out of decades but we were hopeful he would make a full recovery. We went home to Salt Lake and continued to monitor his health from there. The DAY after we got home from Vegas, Roman and I flew to San Francisco with our Premier Protein fam for the launch of the commercial and their new flavors (peach and cookie)! This was another pinch me moment and I just soaked in the whole weekend. When we got home from SF, we closed on our very first home! Buying our first home was our biggest accomplishment to date. So grateful for my hard working hubby and all of you for helping make our dream come true!

May- We moved into our new home and very sloooowly started putting it together. We’re still working on that part to this day haha! Turns out furnishing a home is really expensive so we just keep adding pieces we love little by little. Decorating has become on of my favorite hobbies! We also took a trip to Sand Hollow this month and learned how truly obsessed our little water baby is with the boating life! We spent 2 full days on the lake and Kai didn’t make a peep the whole time. He looooves cruising around, and splashing in the water. We even got him on the tube for a bit. The rest of the month was filled with Mothers Day celebrations, more swimming, and lot’s of photoshoots!

June- We celebrated 4 years of marriage! We didn’t get to go out and celebrate because I ended up getting the flu. SO lame. We also went up to Park City and rented a cabin with my in-laws for Fathers Day. After that we had a Car theme birthday party for our big 2 year old! Kai got so spoiled by our friends and family and we loved having a couple days to just celebrate him. June is always very eventful! We also saw Kenny Chesney (one of my faves) and I got to be apart of the coolest body positive photoshoot! It was super empowering & uplifting. What you probably didn’t know is that immediately following that swim shoot, Roman and I hoped in the car and drove all through the night to Vegas to see my dad. His health had taken a downward spin and we found out that he had been on hospice for a few days. I’ll never forget walking into his hospice room and seeing him look so sickly. Nothing has ever broken my heart more. He never regained consciousness while we were there.

July- On the 2nd my dad passed peacefully on from this life. We had just gotten back to our hotel when we got the call. I’m so grateful to have been able to spend his last few days by his side. In the end we don’t really know the cause of his death. It started with the heart attack but we never found the exact reason why he was so sick before and after cardiac arrest. We probably won’t ever know but in the end it doesn’t really matter. He lived a great life for 61 years and was loved by many. I miss him a lot but I’m so very grateful for the years I did get with him. Later that month we travelled up to my birthplace, Seattle, to lay my dad to rest. My whole family is from Washington State so it was really great to visit with lot’s of family and hear amazing stories about my dad and his life. After some much needed closure, we travelled home and tried to enjoy the rest of the month with boating, a cabin trip, and Kai Kai’s first haircut!

August- Started my skin healing journey! I have horrible acne and scars so I finally got with an amazing esthetician and made a plan of action. It is a long process and one that I am still working on but, it will be so worth it when I have skin I can feel confident in! We saw my husbands favorite artist in concert (Chris Stapleton) and he was in absolute heaven. We also went on an amazing boating trip to Bear Lake with a group of our besties. I FINALLY let go of the rope on the surf board this trip which was a big deal to me since I’d been trying to do it all summer haha! I got my first round of microneedling & looooved it, and finished the month at the Dierks Bently concert, and opening Utah Utes football game!

September- This month started with a camping trip unlike any other. We packed in on mules which was the coolest experience, I ended up getting close-lined off of one lol, and made lots of memories with our closest friends around the campfire! After that we set off on a little road trip to Scottsdale Arizona to celebrate our birthdays! Roman’s is the 7th & mine the 10th. It was so nice to have a few days to just spend time with each other.  We saw Roman’s favorite football team, and ate all the yummy food. Can’t wait to go back there some day! After we got back from AZ, we had the opportunity to walk in the City Creek Fall Fashion Show as a family! It was so much fun. Kai and Roman were darling up there and totally stole the show. Love working with City Creek. We had our nieces over for their first slumber party and it made my heart ache for a little girl. They are just so fun! Crossing my fingers that we get one of our own someday.

October- My favorite month of the year! October was full of all things Halloween and Fall themed. From pumpkin patches to football games, we really did it all. I took a traditional trip up to Preston ID. for a girls weekend with my besties. It’s the tiniest town but we always have a blast! I also went to Octoberfest, lot’s of costume parties, And took our little buddy out trick-or-treating. I dressed up as an Alien, Mrs. Potato Head, a cat, a devil, and a skeleton lol. I’m not about to go to a party in the same costume!

November- Even though this month was just a few weeks ago it already feels like forever! Life is flying by. We went to our good friends 90’s party where she actually got ENGAGED! It was the happiest day ever. Roman even dyed his tips to fully immerse himself in the 90’s culture haha! Roman also had to get stitches from knocking himself in the head with a wrench lol. We spent Thanksgiving with both my side and my husbands side and pretty much spent the rest of the month shooting lot’s of content for Christmas and Black Friday sales! November and December are always my busiest months with work so I try to get a lot of it done early so I don’t miss out on any family time. This is also the month I hit my blogging goal financially. I had a number I wanted to hit and November was the month it happened. Twice actually! I’m so proud of how far i’ve come with my career so hitting then surpassing my goal was the icing on the cake! Can’t wait to push myself even harder next year.

December- Last but not least. This month was filled with lot’s of Christmasy goodness. We took Kai to see the Temple lights downtown for the first time. He actually didn’t really care about them like I thought he would haha. We watched all of our favorite Christmas movies, and jammed to Christmas music of course! I also got the opportunity to be apart of an amazing and empowering photoshoot with Fawn Design. I’ve loved their brand for a long time so it was really cool for me to get to hang out with them for the day and share my story. I’ll tell you more about that when it launches but man, it’s going to be good! We spent Christmas Eve at my parents house for their traditional dinner and games. It was so fun to play Santa this year to Kai and stuff his little stocking. Christmas is so much more magical with little ones! We stayed the night at my parents, opened presents with my siblings, then headed to Romans parents for the same thing. Now it’s NYE and I’m so ready to eat yummy food and ring in yet another year with my best guy!

Cheers to a happy and healthy 2019!