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Events, Styling, and Gifting with Lightbox Jewelry:


Hi guys! Thanks for stopping by Carnations & Lace today. If you missed it, in my last blog post I talked about how Lightbox Jewelry creates their lab-grown diamonds. Read all about it here! But today I want to touch more on who Lightbox is as a company, how to style such elegant pieces for any event, and what occasions Lightbox jewels would make great gifts for. Let’s dive in shall we?

First I just want to say that Lightbox is so different than any other jewelry company because they pride themselves on being a bright, happy, and fun loving brand. When I think of classy and delicate jewelry, I imagine a lot of complicated options with evasive pricing. No thanks! The experience with Lightbox is the exact opposite. They have made shopping for elegant lab-grown diamonds such a fun, and exciting experience. Whether picking out a gift for a loved one, or treating yourself to a little something sparkly, the whole process is enjoyable.


Speaking of gift giving, Lightbox Jewelry would make the perfect present for an array of occasions. Natural diamond jewelry is a great gift for men to give their ladies on the most important occasions and anniversaries. But a simple pair of Lightbox’s lab-grown earrings, because they are more affordable, could be an amazing gift for other occasions, like a big promotion or a birthday.  What better way to celebrate a girlfriend’s success than a gift that she can always enjoy?

Lightbox’s lab-grown diamonds could also be an amazing way to step up bridal accessories too.  Instead of costume…how about  “something blue” to add the perfect pop of color against a white dress?

Lightbox is now on sale and I’ve sure got my eye on some pieces. A few items on my wish list are The Solitaire Studs in Pink (SWOON), The Blue Moon Pendant Necklace, and The Halo Earrings in White. Hopefully Santa is reading this blog post!

As always, let me know if you have any questions about lab-grown diamonds or Lightbox Jewelry and I’ll do my best to find out the answers for you!

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