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Happy Fall Ya’ll! 

Living in Utah definitely has it’s perks and this gorgeous mountain landscape is definitely one of them. I’m so glad to call this place home! We spent the majority of the first official weekend of Fall outside and it was perfect. The weather didn’t get above 80 degrees and we got to run up the canyon to play in the colorful leaves! Why can’t Autumn last forever? I just love everything about it. The crisp air in the early morning hours, cooking yummy soup all day in the crockpot, and most importantly the fashion! Fall fashion will always be my very favorite. I just scored this GORGEOUS pair of new boots from Cougar and I’m so pumped to tell you about them. When I first spotted them on Cougar’s site, I knew that they had to come and live in my closet. I’m pretty picky when it comes to boots, but these surpassed my expectations. They are also waterproof, rated for -11°F, and are memory molded inside. Basically just heaven wrapped around your feet!

I styled my new Cougar boots with my favorite faux leather leggings, a chunky knit sweater from last season, an oversized denim jacket, and a little baker boy cap! It’s the perfect mix of comfort and style because as you all know, I am all about being comfortable. I also would have worn my cream wool socks, but they recently got ruined on a camping trip. Oops, I guess it’s time to get myself another pair!

These babies aren’t available to shop online quite yet, but I will keep my eyes peeled and the second they launch you’ll be the first to know. It shouldn’t be more that a few weeks. In the meantime, I put a together my Cougar wishlist and all of the items are shop-able!

Cougar Wishlist:

Thanks for stopping by, hope you all have a great week and get a Pumpkin Spice Latte to celebrate Autumn!



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