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My husband and I had the opportunity to go to San Francisco for a long weekend getaway all thanks to our Premier Protein family! They were the most gracious hosts and we had so much fun meeting the whole office. We flew out to celebrate the launch of their new shake flavors, PEACHES & COOKIE, and view the final product of the testimonial commercial I had the honor of being apart of a few months back.  I couldn’t share any behind the scenes stuff which was SO hard because it was amazing to see, so I’m really happy I can finally let you all in on it.

View the video HERE!

Now, let’s chat about the City by the Bay! San Francisco is one of my all time favorite places to visit. There is an electric energy constantly flowing when you’re there that is just indescribable until you experience it for yourself. Since we really only had one day of our trip planned out, we had 3 more to just explore. I love going on trips with no agenda. I had a few places I wanted to make sure to hit, but mostly we just went with the flow and had the greatest little vacay. Here are the deets:


The Westin Union Square: Premier Protein was kind enough to put us up here and it was incredible! Its a pretty old building so the character and vintage feel was amazing. The coolest part was the buttons were on the outside of the elevator so you pressed your floor before you got in! It was something i’d never seen before.

The Marker: We spent our other two nights here and it was just down the street from Union Square. We really enjoyed our stay here as well. The room was so colorful and vibrant and I’m actually kicking myself for not taking more pictures! Anyway- I’d give this place 4/5 stars!

Eats- (The most important part of any vacation)

Mr. Holmes Bake Shop: I hate to say is but I thought this place was totally overrated. The pastries were just okay and not worth the hype in my opinion. The famous “I Got Baked In San Francisco” sign is fun and all but I can think of a bunch of other ways I’d like to spend $20.

Bob’s Donuts: If you want amazing pastries and donuts, THIS is the place to go! The wait sucks, but it’s sooo worth is! They are also open at all hours of the night so it’s a really fun midnight snack. The Crumble is to die for!

Tony’s Pizza Neapolitan: SO worth the heartburn. We went on Sunday afternoon before our flight so we only had to wait about 10 minutes for our flight, but I’ve heard the line can get crazy so plan for that. We got the New Yorker and it was to die for. Definitely the best pizza we had while we were there.

Media Noche: This place has the dreamiest set up and the food is even better! It’s Cuban so the pork is amazing and everything tastes really fresh. Their is also always an amazing mural painted on the side of the wall that changes periodically. This time is was blue with pink flowers and it made for a pretty ‘gramable photo! Make sure you also go into the bathroom while you’re here, it’s ADORABLE.

Little Sheep Mongolian Hot Pot: We stepped wayyy out of our comfort zone for this place and I’m so glad we did! It was sort of like fondue but a little different. You cook your food in the soup on the table which is so fun and delicious. It sounds weird but trust me when I say you have to experience it for yourself then you’ll totally get it!

Piccini & Pinetti: This was the restaurant we went to with Premier and it didn’t disappoint! It was pretty and they serve amazing Italian food. Getting dressed up to eat carbs? Yes please!

Fort Mason Food Trucks: This only happens every Friday in the summer but it is a blast. They have tons of food trucks with all kinds of food, yummy drinks, and music. We’ve actually been twice because we love it so much.

Olympic Flame: Great for breakfast and budget friendly but is cash only so be prepared for that!

Honey Honey Cafe: BEST. CREPES. EVER! I had the peanut butter and it was life changing.

Getting around-

Uber: Pro-tip, use Uber ride share to save a couple bucks!

BIRD scooters: Stand up electric scooters that were an absolute blast. Download the app to see where scooters are near you and ride! Only $1 to get started than .15 cents a minute. They go pretty fast too. You can’t ride them on the sidewalk so be careful and watch for crazy SF drivers.


Bourbon & Branch: The cutest and most exclusive speak easy in SF! We had to make reservations online a few days in advance, and they email you a password that you have to say to get in. SO FUN! It’s kind of hard to find since there aren’t any signs out front, but you can call if you have any trouble.

Harper & Rye: This place is really fun and dog friendly so we saw so many cute pups in here! It’s right next to Bob’s donuts too so thats a bonus too.

Things to-do-

Alcatraz: We actually haven’t done this yet because everytime we try and book this excursion, it’s sold out, so plan on booking MONTHS in advance, especially for the night tour! Hopefully someday we’ll get there.

Giants game: Whether you’re a baseball fan or not, Giants games are super fun. The stadium is right on the water and has really yummy food too. I’d definitely plan a trip while they’re in town!

Fisherman’s Warf: VERY touristy, but another must see. Try the shrimp cocktail, it’s amazing!

Pier 49: Another huge tourist attraction but watching the Sea Lions hang out on the docks is worth the crazy crowds.

Golden Gate Park: Gorgeous views, and a nice place to just chill. My husband and I had a little picnic here and it was perfect. SF is such a fast paced city that it’s really nice to just sit back and relax for a bit.

Union Square: Shopping heaven! They have an amazing Zara & Nike, and it’s really fun to window shop the designer stores such as Gucci, Louis Vitton and Chanel.

Sausalito: The cutest little town right across the bay. Parking here is insane so I would take the Ferry over and just walk around for the day.

China Town: This is where I found those amazing colorful steps! There was lot’s of cool artwork down here and it was a fun place to walk around.

Hope this helps all of you that are traveling to the city anytime soon. It’s an amazing place to visit with so much culture and personality. If you’ve never been, put it at the tippy top of your bucket list!



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