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Happy Sunday!

We’ve had such a crazy Winter in Utah this year. One day it is literally 50 degrees, the next it’s snowing! No joke, that has actually happened! So since it’s been so unpredictable, I’ve been all about the denim jackets. They are one of my favorite transition pieces (another post about this later) and the colored ones are going to be a big trend this Spring! I snagged this light pink distressed denim jacket for less than $30 and it has the most perfect oversized fit! I did size down after reading reviews, but probably would have been fine with my normal size too.

In other news, we leave for Mexico in two weeks and I can hardly contain my excitement! But as always, I’m not looking forward to leaving my little human. Motherhood is weird. One second you are absolutely desperate for a break, and then when you get it, you immediately feel guilty for needing it in the first place. UGH!

Okay, sorry for the random tangent haha! Hope you guys have a fantastic week.



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