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I hate the fact that I’ve let some negativity on Instagram get to me today. I was feeling hurt, attacked, and misunderstood. Then, I realized that a bully trying to climb his way to the top had zero control over me, and I chose to let go of those feelings. On a positive note, it’s got me thinking a lot about my purpose with social media- specifically why I started my blog in the first place. I carved out my own piece of the internet because I didn’t feel like my body type was being represented, as well as it could be, in the fashion industry. I also wanted to see more ethnic diversity in the blogging/ influencing world. People always say to be the change they you wish to see in the world, right? So, that’s what I did. I dove head first into this sometimes crazy world and I’ve loved every second of it no matter how frustrating it gets.

I’m a huge fan of doing whatever makes you feel good. If wearing a bikini makes you happy, DO IT! If getting botox or fillers makes you more confident, DO IT! If unfollowing accounts that trigger feelings of inadequacy helps you, DO IT! But do it because YOU want to. Don’t point fingers. Take ownership of your own feelings and decide to react in a constructive way. It’s okay to not be okay. But it’s not okay to dwell on it. If you’re having scary thoughts or feelings, reach out to someone you trust. There is so much help out there just waiting to be sought after.

I hope my message doesn’t  come off harsh. I truly just want everyone to be happy. Social media is such a cool thing. I’ve seen it do so much good. But I do think that we need to monitor our children’s use of it. Some day when my son is old enough, I’ll try my hardest to educate him on how to use it properly. I’ll teach him the difference of reality vs. curated content and perception. I’ll teach him that he gets to choose how he feels and that others are allowed to express themselves however they see fit.

We’re all in this together guys, let’s start acting like it!



Photo’s: Brittany Marie Photography / Studio c/o: Be More Creative

Outfit Details: Sweater runs big. I am wearing a medium & it’s still very oversized.