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Holy MIA. Sorry about the absence of blogging lately! My little family has all taken turns getting sick and I am still trying to kick a nasty cold. After two rounds of antibiotics, I’m started to think my immune system is completely broken or something. Mom’s shouldn’t be allowed to get sick, right?!

Anywho, let’s chat about this cute pearl embellished tunic/mini dress from Shein. It is surprinsingly great quality and I haven’t lost a pearl yet so I’m feeling real good about this $16 piece. It is a little shorter than I thought it would be so i paired it with OTK boots and it makes it seem a bit longer. I’ll probably throw some leggings under it next time I wear it. For sizing reference, I’m in an XL and its great. TTS for me.

After searching for YEARS I have finally found the perfect pair of black OTK boots. I have muscular calfs but the “wide fit” is a little too big on me. Other pairs I’ve tried in the past have either been too tight or not tight enough. I love this pair because I can wear them with jeans or without and they look and feel great either way. These are also at a great price point and very comfy. They are also TTS! I’ll link them below for you!

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