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I want to chat a little bit about motherhood today. It’s no secret that having a toddler is hard, but someday’s I don’t feel like we’ll ever make it through the tantrums and frustration. About a month ago I was feeling extra defeated, tired, and overall discouraged. I challenged myself to spend more time thinking about the things that were going RIGHT instead of going WRONG in my life and it has been just the reminder I needed to get back on track. Sometimes I forget that Kai is just a little person that wants to be heard. He’s also learning SO much SO fast that he is probably a little overwhelmed too. That mindset alone has really helped me have more patience with him.

In addition to being more understanding with Kai, I also started saying NO more to other things that aren’t important. I am a chronic people pleaser and love to constantly be on the go, but when I finally started slowing down and prioritizing my time a little better, I instantly felt less stress. If you have the same problem, I highly recommend only committing to things you WANT to do, writing absolutely everything down on a calendar or planner, and telling yourself you don’t have to make everyone happy. The weight will slowly lift off your shoulders like it did mine.

So now, each day I choose to be happy and grateful, and amazing things are starting to happen. Thanks to lot’s of hard work, exciting opportunities are on the horizon, my little family is happy and healthy (for the most part. Hate the holiday colds going around), and we have a month full of family and friends ahead of us! Life is pretty sweet right about now. If you’re ever feeling stuck in a rut, try what I did and lead with gratitude and see if it helps. Your mind is so powerful and I truly believe that your thoughts directly impact your life!

Okay, that was random haha! Not my usual fashion post but I just felt like sharing.

Love you all!



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