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I know I have been putting this off FOREVER, but I am finally chatting about all things! If you don’t know what is, let me break it down for you. It’s a system that saves SO much time for both bloggers, and consumers. RewardStyle (Creators of has made it so bloggers can connect an exact or similar item to their Instagram photo. That way when a follower likes or screenshots the photo, they now have access to all the links the blogger has tagged! I used this way before I started blogging to find out where my favorite Insta babes got their outfits and I’m telling you, it is the BEST! It also comes in handy when I post an Instagram outfit that doesn’t make it onto the blog. That way, you can still get those handy-dandy links.

Getting set up is super easy:

  • Create an account if you don’t already have one using your email / Instagram.
  • Download the app in the App Store. (You will log in using your Instagram handle)
  • Screenshot – enabled photos via Instagram and get notifications when they are ready to shop.
  • Instantly shop the products featured in the screenshot!
  • All of your likes from Instagram will also be saved in the app for more shoppable images!

Another amazing feature has recently rolled out, is now you can actually search for your favorite bloggers in the “influencer search” tab. That way you don’t have to screenshot the photos on Instagram to be able to shop them. I’m telling you guys, they thought of everything to make this app the most efficient way to shop on Instagram! If you still don’t want to create an account because of the dreaded emails they send you, don’t worry. You can actually turn those off so you don’t receive them at all! No more junk mail in your inbox.

Lastly, I just want to add that purchasing through these links helps me make a commission. Blogging is a source of income for me and has been an amazing way to help support my family. The holiday season is a huge chunk of where most bloggers make money from the entire year, so even if you don’t purchase through my links, it would be so helpful to all of the hustlin’ girl bosses out there if you bought through someones. Thank you guys SO much for your support. You are truly the reason I do what I love everyday. ILYSM!



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