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Sometimes when I can’t decide what textures I want to wear, I just throw them all on and call it good! You wouldn’t think leather, velvet, and suede would be a good combo, but the most unexpected outfits turn out the cutest. I got this velvet oversized top at my new favorite store that I know I am like 100 years late to finding but Urban Blues (not sponsored, but like HMU!) has some REALLY cute merch! They are also running some really great sales all through November. I picked up this Jacket in the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale this past Summer and its my favorite splurge to date! I wear it all the time and it somehow goes with just about anything. I did have to wait like 4 months until the weather cooled down to actually wear it but WORTH IT!

Outfit Details:

Now I’m so pumped to share my picks for the men in your life. Check out my gift guide for HIM below!

Gift Guide for HIM!


Hope this helps you find the perfect gift for the man you love!