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A few weeks ago I was walking aimlessly around Nordstrom, not really loving anything that I saw. Then something magical happened. The gods smiled down on me and this pair of denim came to me in a vision and said, “put me on your body!” I happily obeyed and haven’t looked back since! Okay, that’s not what happened at all. I actually tried on like 10 other pairs and none of them were quite what I was going for. Do you guys follow @mox_ie on Insta? If not you should cause she’s a total babe. She wears this kind of denim all the time and totally made me want a pair.

As I’m sure some of your ladies know, slim boyfriend jeans aren’t usually curvy girl friendly. For me, they’re usually too baggy in the legs and too tight in the waist. LAAAAME. I’ve tried Levi’s, Topshop, American Eagle and countless other brands for the perfect pair with no luck so when I found this pair I really was so insanely happy. I mean, I’m doing a whole blog post of them so they must be good right?!

They are $78 which is a little bit more than I like to spend on denim but WORTH IT. They are perfect with mules, booties, or even sneakers. I’ve styled them a million different ways in the 3 weeks I’ve had them haha! Have I convinced you to order a pair yet?! I should also mentioned I sized up one size and they are perfect!

Happy Tuesday!

Photos by: Kaci Baum



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