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F I N A L L Y the weekend!

After two, yes freaking two, 4am wake up calls with my little man this week (insert zombie-mom emoji) I am sooo ready for a lazy weekend at home! I just want to stay in my sweats, drink hot cocoa, and finish watching Stranger Things 2! Does anyone else feel like this season is even better than the first?! Fighting words, I know, but it had to be said!

I had the opportunity to go down to The Gateway with one of my girlfriends and we had such a good time! If you’re from out of state, The Gateway is an outdoor mall located in Downtown Salt Lake City, Utah. It is a really diverse location with tons of things to do. There are yummy restaurants, amazing shopping and in the summer they even have FREE outdoor yoga! I went a few times this past season and had the best time. There’s nothing like yoga outdoors to make you feel so refreshed. I can’t wait to go back next year!

The first place we stopped in was Abercrombie & Fitch and I was shocked about how many cute items I found! To be totally honest with you, I haven’t stepped foot in A&F since the 10th grade, but I am happy to say they are officially BACK! I was also pleasantly surprised to see so many great sales and prices. I remember them being a little pricey in the past, but now they are more affordable with the same high quality clothes. SCORE! I did a little try-on sesh that’s now live over on Instagram Stories. Go see what I found and let me know if you want the links! I’ll also link everything I tried on below. Hope you all have an amazing first weekend of November!

Thank you to The Gateway for sponsoring this post!



Photos: Kaci Baum Photography

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Abercrombie & Fitch Try-on: