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Photos: Brittany | Post Sponsor: Amelia James

I’m getting a head start on my winter whites for todays post! I’m pretty sure the whole not wearing white pants after Labor Day thing is officially over right? Cause if not, it is now! I mean, are there any rules of fashion left anymore? I think everyone just kind of goes with the flow now and I think its pretty awesome!

Okay let’s talk about this Amelia James top shall we?! I seriously wish I would have had this blouse while I was still nursing my little man because it would have been PERFECT! Surplice blouses are so flattering on every body type and will always be such a classic style. I love the pink floral design on this one and the little tie details on the sleeves. This whole outfit is so good for days you don’t want to think too much about what you’re wearing, you just throw it on, look fab, and go! It’s also something I can wear to work so that gets major points! I’ve been trying to get more clothes that I can wear both to and outside of work and its tougher than I thought. My job is pretty casual so I don’t want to be too dressy, but I still like to look professional. This ensemble is a perfect medium for me!

Hope you have an amazing FridayEve!



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