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Photos by: BrittanyNikole

Chenille, faux leather, and suede… could I be more of a texture lover?! I’ve been living in this teddy cardigan from PinkBlush lately and I regret nothing! Give me all the cozy, stretchy clothes this season please. Comfort should never have to be sacrificed for an outfit. Functional fashion is a must, especially when you are a mama like me!! I get asked all the time about these OTK boots and I soo wish I could find them online but I’ve worn them so much, the brand has worn off on the inside. I got them from DSW a few winters ago, and they’ve been a necessity in my closet! I did link a super similar pair below though!

If you watched my InstaStories over the weekend, you know that I was able to go on a little girls weekend adventure and seriously had so much fun! We went up to Preston, ID (where Napoleon Dynamite was filmed LOL) to visit one of our besties and I can’t believe how cute that little town was! We picked pumpkins, shopped around town, and dressed up for our own private Halloween party. It just goes to show that if you’re surrounded by the right people, you can have a good time ANYWHERE! If you ever need recommendations for Preston, I am defintely the gal to talk to haha! I was super excited to get home to my guys though. I missed them like crazy. There is truly no place like home!

Hope you all have an awesome week!



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