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I bet you guys can’t guess what my favorite color is right now! But seriously, I’m feeling so drawn to the blush pinks this season. The obsession is way too real! And I know I am a little late to the bomber trend game, but now that I’m into it, I think you’ll be seeing a lot more of them on me!

This pink jacket is from Posey and Pence! If you haven’t heard of them before, they are one of the cutest and most affordable online boutiques right now. This Bomber is less than $30 and such great quality. It’s got this super cute zipper detail on the sleeve and can be worn so many different ways. I’m a big believer in versatile fashion, so even though I styled this jacket more casual for a day time look, it would be perfect with denim and over-the-knee boots for a night out. If you try and buy clothing that you can wear tons of different ways, you’ll get so much more wear out of them. There is nothing worse that one piece of clothing we all have that can only be worn in one specific outfit. Variety is always the best way to go in my book.

While I have you here, I would love some feedback on the amount of posts I’ve been writing lately and also the frequency. This one is my 3rd this week and It’s only Wednesday! Do you guys like seeing so much new content, or would you prefer having them spaced out like I usually do? My goal has always been 3 new posts a week but I am kind of liking having more. Anyway, leave me a comment on my last Instagram post and tell me what you prefer!

You’re the best!

S/O to my mama for taking these photos for me!