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Photos by: BrittanyNikole

Hello my lovely readers! I hope your week is going amazing so far. I know my posting schedule has been a little different, but I was too excited about this turban that I couldn’t wait to share it with you! Which reminds me, why didn’t anyone tell me how fun turban wearing was sooner?! Ever since I got this BluTaylor turban in the mail, I have been thinking of all of the outfits I want to wear it with! If you haven’t noticed, velvet is one of my favorite trends this Fall. I love mixing up the textures of my outfits so I thought it would be really fun to pair my green velvet turban with a fuzzy cardigan. Speaking of the teddy trend, who is a fan of it?! To be totally honest with you I hated it at first, but then I tried this teddy cardigan on and was sold. It is seriously so soft and cozy I sometimes just wear it around the house like a robe haha.

Good news guys, this exact style of turban was just restocked, so RUN! Looking at their website makes me really want a baby girl to twin with. It’s such a fun switch up from a normal bow. Who knows, maybe Kai will get a little sister someday so I can style her in BluTaylor!

Another really cool fact about BluTaylor, is that they gift their beautiful turbans to premature babies. They know how hard it can be to stay in the hospital for long periods of time with their little angels, so they want to make the parents of premature babes days a little brighter. How sweet is that?! They are truly an amazing company. Visit their website to submit a premie in need!

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