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Photo’s by: Brittany Nikole

Happy Friday friends! I seriously can’t stop wearing skirts ya’ll. Especially this black distressed one! Did I mention that I got it for $12 a few weeks ago?! Cause HOLLA! And how cute is this Grey Distressed t-shirt from PinkBlush! (Yes grandma, I know my shirt has holes in it lol) I love it paired with this skirt and the tie detail just added a little extra spice. Since I had my baby, I am much more worried about being comfortable more than anything else so I have also been wearing sneakers a lot. Now that Kai has (FINALLY) started walking I am constantly chasing him and I can’t be doing that in stilettos.

Speaking of chasing that little man around, I took him to The Little Gym last week for the first time and he LOVED it! He isn’t the most social little human so I have been trying to get him around kids more and this was the perfect solution. Most of the toddlers in his class are 14 months too, and running all over the place so I think thats a big part of why he started to get walking. He had such a good experience that I am going to enroll him in a class every week. If you have little ones keep reading and watching my Insta Stories and I’ll update you with how its going. The things we do for our babies!

Thank you for reading and I hope your weekend is sooo good!

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