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Happy Monday/ Labor day guys! I had the opportunity to go to an amazing brunch at Lemon and Sage Market hosted by such talented people a few weeks ago and had such a blast chatting with some girlfriends over the yummiest food. I want to tell you all of the details about the event so lets just on into it!

The most gorgeous floral arrangements by: Millefleurdesign

Peach caprese salad – Farm fresh peaches, fresh mozzarella, basil with aged dark cherry balsamic and tangerine infused olive oil.

Every Detail was so well thought out and beautiful!

Maple bacon bread pudding served with fresh whipped cream, strawberries, and homemade vanilla syrup. (Also the challa bread used was also made by makenna from scratch)

Baked brie in a puffed pastry with sundried tomatoes and pesto served with fresh homemade sourdough (made from scratch by makenna)

Gorgeous photo’s taken by the talented Melea Nelson

Can you even believe how beautiful this brunch was?! It looked like a picture out of a magazine, I swear. Everything was DELICIOUS too. Like, so so amazing I couldn’t even handle it. The mastermind behind the food’s name is Makenna Hansen, and she owns The Copper Cauldron. She has recently started her own catering company and only uses high quality organic ingredients and artisan products in everyday cooking with unique flavor combinations. Among other events she’s catered many weddings and wedding luncheons all with a unique personalized menu. Honestly, she’s just amazing to say the least. Here’s her website:

For Desert we had homemade ice cream that they made right there in from of us! The company that makes this delicious frozen goodness is called Créme. The owners, Mali and Tea are so nice and the flavor combinations they put together are genius! Ever had balsamic vinegar and olive oil drizzled on top of your ice cream before? Because I tried it at this event and it was weirdly delicious! Mali and Tea recently started their ice cream business Crème and sell it at the Provo Famers Market and made to order through their website. They will deliver it straight to your doorstep as well! They use only sourced and imported high quality, organic ingredients. You get 100% cream in every bite. The base of all their ice cream flavors is sugar, milk, and cream. NO PRESERVATIVES! The flavors that we tried were Strawberry, Chocolate, and lemon cookie! Each one was more amazing than the last. You guys have to try them! Visit their website here:
The venue, Lemon and Sage Market was so fun and had the best natural light (hence the amazing photos.) Downstairs they had a little store where you could buy fresh food and fun trinkets. Up stairs is where the tables and food were set up! They host events and cooking lessons their too so if you’re in the Provo area, I highly recommend paying this place a visit.

Lastly, I want to give a HUGE thanks to the amazing team that made this event possible. Things like this take so much time, energy, and money and I am so grateful for them. Let me know if you have any questions about any of the vendors, I’d be happy to tell you whatever you want to know. Thanks for reading.



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