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Photo’s by: Brittany Nikole

Well hello perfect summer dress! There’s so many fun details on this little number. From the ruffles to the drawstring, this is such a unique piece. The best part? It’s only $30! HOLLA! I get a lot of questions about ordering from Shein (where this dress is from), so I thought I’d just answer a few:

Sizing- Almost EVERY item runs small. Unless the reviews specifically state the item runs large, plan on sizing up. Make sure to look at the photo gallery, AND measurements to avoid disappointment. Not all of the clothes are amazing quality, but you really can’t be the price so its just trade offs.

Shipping- This is kind of hit and miss. Most of the time the clothes are coming straight from China, so it could take a few weeks to get your order, but they also have a warehouse state side, and those items usually get to you faster. To be safe, I would say plan on at least 2 weeks before you get your package.

I hope that helps! Thanks for reading, have an awesome day!



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