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Photos: Brittany Nikole

My two favorite things: summer and maxi dresses. I honestly forgot how sliming black is so when I put on this off-the-shoulder maxi from PinkBlush, I was immediately impressed with how flattering it was on my curves. It’s also made of the softest material and is so comfy I could sleep in it. It’s been a HOT and HUMID summer, so dresses like this are my go to on a day I don’t want to have a ton of heavy layers on. Easy and cute = the best!

Speaking of cute, how darling is this tassel throw from Coco and Kiwi?! It is super lightweight and perfect to have in the diaper bag for my babe to snuggle. You never know how chilly restaurants or stores will be in the summer, so I like to have a little blanket with me at all times just in case. I got the “rust” color and really like how it looks with the gray stripes. If I haven’t convinced you to get one yet then heres another reason, they’re only $15.95 and the tassels come in to two other colors! HOLLA! Keep an eye on my Instagram this week for a chance to win yourself one.

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Outfit Details: Dress- PinkBlush