window.nastygoat = {aid:"QmpAtr2rEvP0rBE6aLr_vbMj2ipJhivzons1Kz6YwBmK",pid:"pV3wFgoS2e_p3hbV9eITadPmtqU9QNb47PkA8QwxvI4b"}; > Floral Kimono with PinkBlush - Carnations & Lace

Photo’s: Brittany Nikole

You know you have a slight kimono obsession when even your photographer notices haha! I love them so much and I’m not even sorry about it. They are the lightest summer lying piece and can totally tie your look together. This particular kimono is from PinkBlush but is currently sold out. They do have some similar ones though here, here, and here!

Whenever I post about PinkBlush I get a ton of questions so I’ll answer a few:

  • Sizing- everything I have received has been true to size. I of course recommend keeping your measurements on hand and checking them with the clothing before you order to ensure a perfect fit.
  • Shipping- SO FAST! I always get my orders in less than a week.
  • maternity / non-maternity- I have ordered from both maternity and non-maternity. If it is a kimono or something that wont really matter if its maternity sizing, than I think your fine to order from either side, but if its made for a bump, it’ll definitely fit weird if you don’t have one.

As always, if you have any additional questions about PinkBlush (or anything in general) reach out! I love hearing from you and would be more than happy to help!

Happy Monday!



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