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Photos by: Brittany Nikole

Hi friends, long time no talk! Last week was so crazy that it’s almost laughable. Let’s start from the top shall we?! Rewind to Sunday evening when our sweet boy FINALLY got home from his little vacation with grandma. He was perfectly healthy, so happy, and we loved on him all night long. Then all of a sudden at around 1:30am he wakes up in a major coughing fit. He was crying, coughing, throwing up, and gasping for air like he couldn’t breathe. Since he had been diagnosed with asthma a few months ago, I automatically thought he was having an asthma attack and tried to give him a breathing treatment. When that wasn’t going well, I decided not to risk it and took him straight to the emergency room. As soon as the Dr. heard him she knew immediately it was actually not asthma, but croup (swelling and narrowing in the voice box, windpipe, and breathing tubes that lead to the lungs) probably caused from a common cold virus.

I was relieved to know that croup is pretty common and treatable. So with the help of two nurses we gave him a breathing treatment, some steroids to take down the swelling, and sat around while they monitored him for a few hours. We finally got to go home around 5am exhausted, but already sounding so much better. My poor husband was such a trooper and stayed with us all night, then went to work at 6:30am after a few minutes (literally) of sleep. Best dad ever!

So after all that craziness died down a few days later, I started to feel a UTI (urinary tract infection) coming on. I get them pretty frequently so I started in on my usual routine of chugging cranberry juice. After a few days of it still not going away on its own, I decided to go into the InstaCare just to get some antibiotics to make it go away. HA! They ended up giving me a shot in my bum… OUCH! and sent me home with a round of meds. I thought they were starting to work and even went to an event later that night, but was sorely mistaken when I woke up the next morning with an insane abdominal pain and nausea.

I forced myself to go into work but didn’t last long at all. After about 30 minutes of intense pain and puking in the back bathroom, I called another employee to come in for me and had my mom come pick me up in fear of not being able to drive safely home. She took me home, quickly realized I was NOT okay, then rushed me to the ER. After some tests the ER Dr. concluded that the infection had spread to my kidneys and I was going to be admitted to the hospital for a few days to get some IV antibiotics. Side note- I was SO impressed with the staff of Lone Peak Hospital in Draper UT. We switched insurances so it was my first visit in and I had such an incredible experience there. They made sure I was comfortable and were so attentive. 10/10 for sure.

So there ya have it. Our week from hell haha. Luckily we are finally all better around here and are feeling so grateful for amazing Dr’s and modern medicine. Hopefully we’ll be able to stay healthy for a looong time now!

Thanks for reading!



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