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Photo’s by: Brittany Nikole

Happy 4th of July everyone! This is definitely one of my top 3 favorite holidays (Halloween and Christmas are at the top of the list) even though I really enjoy them all. I love the food, fireworks, and just the overall feeling of patriotism everyone has. I truly love this country and I am so grateful for the incredibly brave men and women that do things I never could to keep us safe and free. I know the United States definitely has its conflicts and issues, but I love how we can put most of them behind us at least for one day white we celebrate our freedom. 

I have a few outfits I shot for the 4th but ran out of time to post them. So I think I’ll just share a few of each so you guys that are still not sure about what to wear have a little inspo to put an outfit together for all of your fun activities today, and I’ll put the rest in a post for later. Just an FYI since I can’t link some of the exact items, I got my romper at a local boutique called Nest, but Iinked one similar, as well as with my red dress from Forever 21. Hope that helps!

Happy birthday America, you don’t look a day over 240! I hope everyone has a fun and SAFE holiday.¬†



Outfit Details: