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Photos: Brittany Nikole

I’m pretty sure that first picture is an actual representation of how crazy my life has been lately. I mean WHAT. A. WEEK. With Kai’s first birthday party, (post coming soon) finally behind us, I feel like I can actually breathe again. It turned out amazing, but man, it was sure a lot of work. Luckily I have the most amazing family and friends that helped out so much with everything and basically let me boss them around until things were perfect! I have always loved planning parties so this was so fun for me to do. I even considered trying to make a career out of party and wedding planning once upon a time, but ultimately went another direction. I was joking the whole party saying we could never have another baby because we couldn’t top the fiesta… I’m only a little serious haha.

So what else is new in our lives you ask? well, how about EVERYTHING?! My husband Roman just started working with an amazing company called Staker Parson, I am working a few days a week at Fetal Fotos on top of blogging, and baby Kai is just busy crawling all over the house constantly! I keep waiting for life to calm down, but I’m starting to realize that’s not going to happen anytime soon and to just roll with the punches.

In other news, maxi skirts are BACK (did they ever leave?) and I am loving it! This one has little lemon details on it and I’m pretending it’s in celebration of Queen Bey’s new twins haha. But seriously, I am loving the fruit trend lately. I can’t stay away from the lemon print and I ain’t mad about it. What are your favorite prints for summer?!

Love you all!



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