window.nastygoat = {aid:"QmpAtr2rEvP0rBE6aLr_vbMj2ipJhivzons1Kz6YwBmK",pid:"pV3wFgoS2e_p3hbV9eITadPmtqU9QNb47PkA8QwxvI4b"}; > R is for Ruffles and I wear them a whole lot. They're my favorite!

Photos: Brittany Nikole Photo

My FAVORITE look from my last shoot with cute Britt! I love how the ruffles compliment the high-waisted shorts. Unfortunately I got these shorts a few years ago from Old Navy, but I’ve linked a similar pair below. Since I have a longer torso and shortish legs, high waited shorts are my fave for the summer. I haven’t found a high waisted denim pair that I love yet, but I am on the hunt and will share as soon as I find some.

Who’s going to watch The Bachelorette tonight?! It is definitely my biggest guilty pleasure and I am counting down the minutes until I can watch it even though that probably won’t be until tomorrow because I have a blogger event to go to tonight. (Follow along on my Insta Stories to see more about the event, it’s going to be a fun one!) Last night I found out that they stopped filming Bachelor In Paradise and they won’t be airing the season! Crazy right?! I’ve read a few articles on why it’s being cancelled and haven’t found out too much information, so if you know more deets, spill ’em because I’m dying to know why one of my favorite shows is being cancelled!

Hope you all have the best week ever, love you long time!



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