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Photos: Brittany Nikole Photo

Another blue and white striped outfit… I see a pattern here. But for real this dress is EVERYTHING and more. I found it out shopping one day and ended up having to drive 45 minutes to another store location to get the right size but you know what, it was totally worth it! When you find a Madewell dress on sale, you just gotta do what you gotta do, ya know?!

So I thought for today it would be fun to answer some frequently asked questions. So check them out below and let me know if you have any more for me, I LOVE hearing from you guys!

  1. Who takes your photos? So when I very first started blogging, my hubs took them on our DSLR, but now I usually work with a photographer and am always sure to credit them. My hubs or mom still take them on occasion if I have a time crunch or something.
  2. Do I get ready everyday? ABSOLUTELY NOT! I get dolled up and shoot about 5 outfits every other week or so, but full makeup and hair is definitely not an everyday occurrence. I’m a mom after all so some days just showering is a victory!
  3. What Kind of Camera Do I use? For my flatlays and occasional OOTD shots, I use a Canon Rebel T5i with a 50mm lens and LOVE it. It is so easy to use and takes great photos. Highly recommend.
  4. Do I really like everything I promote? YES! I promise I will never promote any product or piece of clothing that I don’t personally like. I turn down collabs all the time that don’t fit my brand or that I don’t believe in for that reason. I think thats where a lot of other bloggers loose their followers is because they get caught up in getting free product/money and don’t care what they’re promoting. Not me! I always try and keep it real with you guys so just know I’m true to myself and my brand.
  5. What size do I wear? I’m typically a 10/12 in pants and a L/XL in tops but as I’m sure you know, it varies from brand to brand. So if you ever wonder what size I’m wearing, just ask. I’m not shy, promise!

Okay guys, that’s all I can think of for now so if you have more questions feel free to ask! Have an awesome day!



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