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Photo’s by: Kaci Baum Photography

Everytime I look at this top I think Of Queen Bey’s album Lemonade! I have a minor Beyonce obsession if you haven’t noticed. I made the mistake of watching her digital album for Lemonade while pregnant and sobbed for like three days after. It was so raw and amazing and just gave me ALL the feels. If you haven’t seen it, do it, you will loooove it.

Wow, that was random haha. What I really wanted to chat about today was the best hack for gals that are around my size (L,10) for shopping at Forever 21! Their clothes are so inexpensive and fun that I love shopping there but hate how teeny tiny the sizes run in some items. Seriously sometimes I can’t tell if something is children’s or not! Which is great for thin women but that’s not the case for me. So a few years back I discovered that in the ‘plus size’ section they sometimes have XL or 0x size clothes and they are usually the perfect fit for me!

I know there is a huge stigma that comes along with shopping in the plus sized area but I’m here to say WHO THE HELL CARES! Honestly though, who cares about a number on a tag? Not me. And you know what, it’s really freeing! The second you stop caring about how your clothing is numbered, the better you’ll feel.

I know I seem really carefree these days, but don’t get me wrong, this attitude didn’t happen overnight. For years I refused to wear a certain size even though it fit more comfortably. I just squeezed into a size too small because mentally that made me feel better. Looking back now that seems so silly and I am so happy to have the mindset I do now. So if you’re still worried about the number on your tag, just rip the damn thing out and say who cares! You’re amazing and beautiful and wonderful.

Love you all!



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