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Photos by: Kaci Baum Photography

Hello my lovlies, I have been dying to share this shoot since the day I got my photos back. I worked with a new photographer while I was visiting family in Utah and had SO much fun. I picked up these Tulips at Target a few hours before my shoot and they got all weepy from sitting in the car. LAME. But we still got some fun shots with them.

Speaking of epic fails, this shoot was FULL of them! If you’re in need of a good laugh, here’s a funny story for ya. So since I flew home I obviously didn’t have my car with me and had to take me moms Tesla. If you’ve never been in one, it’s like a spaceship and 100% different then a regular car. Well I was 10 min. late to my shoot (which NEVER happens because I seriously hate being late) so I was all frazzled and accidentally left the key/remote in the trunk. Well when I came back to change in my car for the next outfit, glamorous, I know, I couldn’t get into the car WITH my phone inside as well.

It’s not like being locked out of a regular car where I could call AAA and have them come save me, there aren’t door handles or even locks. It’s all electric and freaking complicated! Long story short, I had to use my photographers phone to call my mom and have her unlock the car from her car’s app… so mortifying. Luckily we got a hold of her and continued shooting with only 10 minutes lost but holy cow it was an ordeal. Sweet Kaci was so cute and understanding and we ended up laughing about the situation. Crisis averted!

Anyway, thanks for reading about my adventurous shoot! Have an awesome weekend!



Outfit Details: