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Photo’s by: Kaci Baum

Good morning! Hope you all had a Happy Easter yesterday for those of you that celebrate it. It was pretty low key around here. We opened baskets, went to church, came home and made a huge Easter brunch, than took naps haha, it was awesome! Next year when Kai is a little older holidays will be more exciting, but for now we are just enjoying the calm days with him.

So if you followed along on my InstaStories Saturday, you’ll know I had the opportunity to go into San Francisco and meet a few fashion blogging icons! Courtney from Color Me Courtney, and Tamryn from Wanna Be Fashion Blogger. To say it was amazing would be a huge understatement! I basically got to chat with them one on one for about 45 minutes and just hear about their amazing lives. Talk about GOALS ya’ll. They were both so sweet, absolutely hilarious, and just down to earth. I’ve heard horror stories of friends meeting other fashion bloggers and how they were stuck up and rude but that was definitely not the case here. These ladies are all about girl power and building each other up which is why I wanted to share the advice they gave me about blogging. We’re all in this together right?!

The first thing Courtney said was to pick 3-5 words you want your Instagram/blog to say and make sure EVERY single thing you post checks off those words before you post it. For instance, if you look at Courtney’s Instagram feed words like; color, happiness, and laughter will come to mind right? She said to make sure you do this for a solid 3 months and then your work should start to speak for itself. After that, she said to do whatever you have to do to get people to see all of your hard work and that’s when your brand will really start to develop.

The next thing Courtney suggested is to find your niche. What makes you stand out from all of the thousands of other fashion bloggers out there? For me, this is still something I’m working on. I’m still searching for my signature style, and overall vibe that I want to bring to Carnations and Lace. It’s can be easy to get discouraged when you compare yourself to other bloggers that literally have hundreds of thousands of Instagram followers, but remember that everyone had to start somewhere and even the experts were once beginners. Don’t give up!

If you aren’t following these lovely ladies on Instagram, I highly suggest it. They are some of my favorites. Hope you all have an amazing and productive Monday!



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