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Photo’s by: Karen Alvarez

March was all about getting me and my family healthy; mind, body, and spirit. For my body health we’ve been following the Whole 30 program, and I’ve picked up my workouts a bit. For my spirit I’ve incorporated hot yoga into my weekly routine and it has helped SO much with my sleep, skin, and overall clarity. 10/10 would recommend! Now for my mind I am choosing to let go of three words used in my vocabulary and I think you should too. Here they are:

FAT- It’s so negative and shameful! Your body is beautiful no matter what shape or size you are! Instead of picking yourself apart in the mirror, try noticing the attributes of your body that you love. If there is anything in the world that life has taught me, it’s that I have to love myself before I can accept love. Yes, you read that right. In order for me to be loved, I need to recognize my own self love first. It sounds weird but I swear by it.

HATE- I promise you it takes 10x more energy to have hate in your heart than it does to let it go. I know this is SOO much easier said than done but all we can do is practice letting the bad vibes flow out a little more everyday until you come to a point where they just don’t matter. I’m not saying you can’t dislike things and proclaim it, just to change your wording so you cut out this horrible word. Your life will become more positive I promise.

CAN’T- This one is kind of a cliche, but it’s true. The only thing holding you back from your own destiny is yourself. If you haven’t read ‘You’re A Badass’ yet, DO IT RIGHT NOW! It will 100% change your life for the better. To get the things you want out of life you need to manifest them into the universe. I probably sound crazy right now but stay with me. Your mind is such a powerful tool in creating the life you’ve only dreamed about. Work a little harder towards your goals everyday and imagine yourself living them. Go as far as to write them down and visualize every night before you go to sleep and they WILL come to pass someday when you stop getting in your own way.

Let’s do this together. If you’re up for the challenge let me know and we’ll be each others cheerleader. I love you all and am so grateful for your support and love!



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