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Photos by: Karen Alvarez

Alright ladies this post if for all my curly haired babes out there! I get tons of questions about these crazy locks of mine so I figured it was time I put it all down in writing. First off I want to say a lot of my curl just simply comes from genetics. I got my dads curl with my moms texture so it’s not too coarse and pretty easy to maintain. I’m most definitely not a cosmetologist, but this is what works for me after YEARS of trial and error. My daily routine goes a little something like this:

1- Wash & Condition: I used to wash my hair every single day because I love the feeling of a really clean scalp, but I’m trying my hardest to go at least 3 days before shampooing so that I can keep my hair healthy and not dry it out. The key to curly hair is MOISTURE since curly hair tends to be so dry! I use this shampoo and conditioner. Nothing too special, I just get it at Target.

2- Brush WITH conditioner: This is probably the most crucial step in my hair routine. I alllllways brush my hair while it’s wet with conditioner in it so I avoid ripping through my hair and creating breakage. Txture Pro sent me a brush and comb to try and I love them! I’ve always been a fan of the Wet Brush, so when I found out these tools were make by the same company, it made sense why i liked them so much. you can also buy them at Target!

3- Towel dry & apply Product: I usually just throw my hair up in a towel until i’m done getting dressed so it’s still damp but not dripping. Then I apply Argon or Moroccan oil to my ends, and curl cream to the rest. Now remember, more product = more weight and more weight = less bounce. So less is more if you’re going for an airy curl look. The goal here is just to maintain frizz while letting your natural curl do the work. I have been using this curl cream and LOVE IT! You can find it on Amazon or at any salon.

4- Let air dry: Simple as that. I don’t ever use a blowdryer. I actually didn’t even own one until my mother-in-law bought me one this last Christmas lol. To me it’s just heat that my hair doesn’t need. If you are going to blowdry your hair, I suggest you use a protectant and diffuser to prevent damage. As my hair drys I just crunch it every once in a while to keep the curls tight.

And there you have it. My not so complex hair regimen! I cut it about twice a year, sometimes dye / lighten it and occasionally get a deep conditioning treatment but overall it’s pretty low maintenance. It took me a long time to love and appreciate my curly hair but I am starting to get there! I hope this information was helpful! Never hesitate to ask additional questions that I didn’t answer in the post, I’d love to help you out!



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