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Skirt c/o Shein

I’d be lying if I said this wasn’t one of my favorite looks to date! I mean who doesn’t want to be a mermaid? Trick question. The answer is no one! This distressed sequin shell sweater is SO FUN and when I got this skirt in the mail from Shein, I knew together they would be out of this world. Did you know that greenery is the Pantene color of the year? Green is one of my favorite colors and I need to wear more of it! This skirt is also great for St. Patricks day that is right around the corner. Fun fact; my mom and step dad got married on St. Patty’s day… they win for weirdest anniversary award haha.

So I have this thing with holidays. I am kind of a sucker for them. I looove decorating my house in festive decor so I’ll use pretty much any excuse to throw up a little banner or some fun prints! Growing up my mom always made each holiday fun and special so I think that’s where my love for them stems from. I love the idea of trying to catch a Leprechaun with your kids by setting cute little traps and replacing them with gold coins. My step brother did that for my neices and nephews last year and they LOVED it! I can’t wait to do fun things like that with Kai when he’s a little older.

I also wanted to share a little life hack with you since we’re on the topic of decorating. If you have wreaths you like to change out on your door, when your done with them just put them on a hanger and store them in a coat closet. That way they don’t get damaged and you have easy access to them. I think I found this idea on Pinterest and thought it was genius so I had to share.

Other Shein Faves:

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