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Hey there!

Everytime I post about Influenster sending me products, I get a ton of questions on the program. So I thought I would blog about my experience with Influenster and how it all works!

I just want to preface this post with stating that this isn’t sponsored. Just one girl to another on how I’ve gotten free products, and how you can too. There’s a common misconception that you need to be a blogger and/or social media guru to be qualified for VoxBox’s (what Influenster calls their packages) and it’s totally untrue. I myself signed up for Influenster before I even started my blog, and had less than 1,000 Instagram followers, so take a look below then sign up!

FAQ on Influenster’s site:


1. What is Influenster?

Infuenster is a product discovery platform that lets opinionated, social media savvy consumers like you discover and share knowledge on products through sampling, reviews, and more!

2. I just joined. How do I get started?

New members can get their feet wet by completing 4 easy tasks:

1. Complete your profile

Check out your profile settings and share some general information about yourself so we have a stepping stone for what campaigns to pair you with.

2. Connect your social media accounts via your dashboard’s Social Impact page

Connecting your accounts is the single most effective way to boost your Social Impact, which is a major factor in determining how likely you are to qualify for an exclusive campaign. It’s important to grant Influenster permissions when making the connection, or we won’t be able to calculate your score.

3. Snap to it

Answer some quick questions about your shopping behavior to improve your discovery experience. Answer honestly as they cannot be edited once you submit an answer.

4. Discover Influenster’s content!

Browse tons of articles giving lifestyle tips on how to use the latest products. You can also browse our millions of reviews and Q&A to learn more about products from shoppers like you! See a product you’ve used before? Go ahead and share your own experiences to connect with other Influensters and help them get a feel for whether they should give it a try.

3. What’s a VoxBox, and how do I qualify for one?

VoxBoxes are packages filled with complimentary products from your favorite (or soon-to-be-favorite) brands. Not all Voxboxes are created equal: some campaigns feature an assortment of products while others will spotlight one awesome brand. But make no mistake: all VoxBoxes are created equally awesome.

Here’s how it works: Throughout many of our ongoing campaigns, Influensters receive FREE themed product shipments based on information disclosed by answering Snaps, their measured Social Impact across all connected networks, demographics, and, well, good old fashioned luck. Did you forget to connect your social media accounts or share any information with us? Then no wonder we haven’t been able to match you with a box yet — we’re practically strangers!

Members with a strong social presence and high activity — within the demographic we are targeting at the time — tend to be prioritized, which is all the more reason to maintain activity on Influenster and boost your Social Impact. This ensures members receive products that match their interests.

4. How will I know if I am selected for a VoxBox?

VoxBox selection is a process – we want to make sure VoxBoxes go to members who will test, review and share products relevant to their lifestyles.

When selecting for a program, we will email you a link to a pre-campaign survey. The email will include a deadline for completing the survey, as well as ask for an address if we will be shipping something. It’s important you include your valid address as this is the ONLY way we know where to ship to. Following this, we will contact you if you’re in. Alternatively, you can check your campaign tab in your dashboard.

Lastly, check the mail! Once selected, your VoxBox will be on its way. We send out tracking number for every campaign on the campaign’s details page, but occasionally members receive their boxes before we’re able to add it.

5. How often does Influenster send out VoxBoxes?

Influenster sends out multiple VoxBoxes featuring various brands every month.

We frequently send custom VoxBoxes as well, featuring 1 special product or brand. You can increase your chances of being selected for both types of boxes by filling out your profile settings, maintaining a high Impact score, and completing snaps.


I hope that was helpful! I had a whole spiel written up, but decided to just post this because they explained it WAYY better than I could. Let me know if you have any questions, I’d be happy to help in anyway I can! Sign up here —> Influenster