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Good morning! It’s one of the most wonderful times of the year! NORDY’S WINTER SALE! Whenever Nordstrom has a sale, I go a little crazy. They carry such high end items and getting them at less than ticket price is my absolute favorite. Some pieces in your wardrobe are worth splurging over because you know they will last a long time. A few things I love about Nordstrom is 1, their return policy is amazing and super flexible 2, just about everything they have is high quality and 3, they always have free shipping online.

Although this sale runs until February 26th, items are going insanely fast. So my advice for the day is if you like something, don’t hesitate on buying it because it’ll probably be gone soon. If you see an item you like, just click on the image and it should take you directly to the site to shop it. Happy shopping my friends!