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Hello! I get a ton of questions about blogging. Obviously i’ve only been doing this a few months so I’m definitely not a pro, but I am going to start sharing more of my blogging experience with you guys. So to start things off I’m telling you how I make time for blogging!

If you ask any blogger if they knew how much work blogging would be before they started, I’m sure most if not all of them would say no. It is VERY time consuming. Just like most things, there’s definitely more behind the scenes work than people realize, so add being a full time mommy to an insanely active 7 month old to the mix, and you’ve got one busy lady!

I love blogging and the community of girl bosses it’s connected me to. I love supporting others on their way to building an empire and think we need more women building each other up in the world. There is room for EVERYONE to succeed! So hopefully this little schedule can help someone else in some way.

Here is a little break down of how my usual day looks:

  • 5-6am– Rise & shine! Little man is awake BRIGHT & EARLY and ready to eat/ play. Since I’m still half asleep, I usually just try and keep him entertained until he’s ready for his 1st nap. Nothing too exciting happens this early.
  • 8am– Nap time for Kai! While I rock him to sleep I check my emails and catch up on Instagram.
  • 9am– Get baby dressed and ready for the day, then post on my blog/ Instagram and other social media.
  • 9:30am– Gym time! I try and take Kai to the nursery, but he usually only lasts 10 minutes before they call me to come get him.
  • 10:30am– Second Nap! While baby boy sleeps I make breakfast and get ready for the day. Most days that’s just a shower and a little bit of makeup.
  • 11:30am– Errand time. Once Kai is up from his nap, we eat lunch, then we go get anything done that we need to do out of the house that day. He’s usually the happiest right after he wakes up, so I take advantage of that and get stuff done!
  • 1:30pm– Third nap! Since Kai takes short naps, he takes a lot of them. I am stoked for the day he only takes one super long nap- if that ever happens. Now is when I check my emails again and catch up on Insta.
  • 3pm– Play! After Kai wakes up, I try and just engage with him. I think technology can be detrimental to kids development, so I try and put my phone away and just play and read with him until dinner. Sometimes we take a walk with Honey too! He loooves being in the stroller so if he’s fussy that’s my go to.
  • 5pm– Dinner. We eat pretty early because the evenings are sometimes hectic since Kai is usually getting tired and sometimes that makes him a little grumpy.
  • 6:30pm- Bath & bedtime! We start the baby’s bedtime routine around 6pm each night starting with a bath then book then he nurses and I rock him to sleep.
  • 7pm– Now the real fun begins. Once Kai is down, I get the house put back together -he is a bit of a tornado baby these days- and do the dishes from dinner. After bedtime is also when Roman and I get to hang out. Right now we usually catch up on our shows and snuggle on the couch.
  • 8pm– Blogging time! I like to write out my posts a week or longer in advance because then it gives me time to find inspiration and add to them if needed. This is also when I check emails again and catch up on other social media. I love supporting my other blogger babes so I make it a point to like/comment on others content throughout the day. I’ll admit that more times then not I spend too much time on the computer and not enough time sleeping. My baby wakes up 4-5 times a night so I don’t get much sleep, but that’s why caffeine exists right?!
  • Way too latepm– Catching those z’s between waking up with Kai to nurse him and rock him back to sleep. We don’t believe in the CIO (cry it out) method so until he learns to sleep through the night, sleep is a luxury.

As you can see, we live a pretty low-key life. I LOVE being a stay at home mama, and I am so grateful to my hardworking hubby for making that happen. He is also a huge help with Kai which I didn’t include in the schedule. They are little best friends. Sometimes he’ll take him in the morning so I can take a nap, or watch him while I get ready, He’s really the best daddy ever!

I also LOVE blogging about fashion and lifestyle. It is my passion and I it’s nice to be able so help support my family in a small way. Which brings me to my next point. If you want to start a blog, don’t do it just for the money. Sure, you can get free stuff and make a little money, but you have to truly love it to stay committed and motivated! Sometimes it’s hard when a post doesn’t get as many views as you’d like it to, but as long as you do it for the right reasons, it won’t keep you down for long.

Thank you SOO much for reading this novel. If you ever have any questions about blogging or anything at all for that matter, please don’t hesitate to ask. LOVE YOU ALL!



Edits by: Kenzi Peterson

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