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When I was first contacted by Shein I was a little hesitant to work with them because even though I’ve never ordered anything from their site personally, but I’ve heard from a few friends that their clothing runs exxxxxxtra small. But I was curious to find out for myself so I made sure to measure myself before I even looked at the site, then was really careful to check the measurements on any piece I was considering. I ended up going with this blush “off the shoulder” sweater. It is one size which I never usually order but the measurements seemed right so I went with it anyway.

Let’s start with the positives shall we! My package arrived in less than a week which I was presently surprised by. When my order was processed and they sent me the tracking number, it said shipping could take anywhere from 3-20 days to get to me so I thought it made pretty good time. I love the color! Blush has been on repeat in my closet this winter and I love the way it flows so effortlessly with white denim. It is surprisingly good quality and I really like the high low detail.

SheIn -Your Online Fashion Vintage dresses

Now on to the not so positives. My shoulders are on the broader side of the spectrum so I wasn’t expecting this sweater the be very off the shoulder-y, but It was even more narrow than I expected. I pulled it far enough over to make my shoulder peep out, but I would have loved if I had the option to get this piece a little larger. The arms are a little short, but I just bunched them up a little to make them three quarter length.

All and all I had a pretty good experience with Shein! If you ever plan to order from their site, I HIGHLY recommend you measure yourself first. Then make sure you cross check the measurements very carefully before you order any pieces.

Pro Tip: This might seem a little crazy but if you want to dig a little deeper into how something may fit from this site, you can go on to their Instagram page and under the “photos of” tap on the right, you can see if any fellow ‘grammers have tagged them in the photo of something you were considering buying. This is a great trick to ensure quality and fit. They also sometimes have photos of real people wearing the clothes on their actual website so that’s also a great reference!

Thanks so much for reading, I hope you found this info helpful!



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