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Photo’s by: Karen Alvarez

Hey loves!

Who is watching The Bachelor?! I always look forward to Monday nights so I can veg out and get my reality TV fix in for the week. Tonights episode is nuts! I know everyone hates Corinne but I think she is super funny and has the best one liners! SPOILER ALERT: “Make America Corinne again” I seriously died laughing! Raven is my fave but her accent kind of bugs me. Who do you want Nick to choose?!

Working with Evy’s Tree has been a huge goal of mine ever since I started this blog so I am so excited to share this collab with you! If you’ve never heard of Evy’s Tree, (you’re probably living under a rock) they are a clothing company that specializes in luxury hoodies! You all know  I love being comfortable while still being stylish, so this was a match made in heaven for me.

I am wearing the Brooke Tunic in Electric Blue and let me just tell you how much I loooooove it! It is insanely soft and the perfect length. I’ve worn it with jeans and also leggings for a more dressed down feel. It’s perfect both ways. What first caught my eye about Evy’s Tree is how many little details they add to each piece of clothing they make. From the chunky buttons to the waffle texture on this hoodie, you can tell they spend so much time designing their lines. It’s really refreshing to find a company that still puts a lot of heart into it’s products and business in general. I also love that they are located in Santa Rosa since I am a Northern California girl myself!

Hope you all have an amazing night!



Outfit Details: Evy’s Tree Brooke Tunic